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‘Okay for fans to storm the field in NFL and no fans in NBA?’: Lakers’ LeBron James on Notre Dame’s win over Clemson (News)


LeBron James takes to Twitter to air out his frustration over fans rushing the field upon Notre Dame’s win over Clemson.

The Coronavirus pandemic has severely altered the way we all live these past 9 months. Major sports all over the world took massive hits as they were forced to halt games mid-season.

Leagues such as the NBA and MLB did resume play in their own ‘Bubble’, and declared their season champions as well. No fans were in attendance in either of these Bubbles to prevent further spread of the virus.

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Collegiate football however, started its season this past month and has been allowing fans to attend their games. With the Coronavirus still in effect, fans rushed the field during a Clemson vs. Notre Dame game.

LeBron James, who has been advocating for championship parades for the Lakers and the Dodgers, reacted to the Clemson game on Twitter.

LeBron James wants to know if fans will be allowed in arenas next season

The reason as to why the field was rushed by fans in the Notre Dame vs. Clemson game, was because Clemson was heavily favoured. Clemson hadn’t lost a game in 3 years and were on a 37-0 win streak.

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However, the Fighting Irish pulled away for the win and due to this major upset victory, thousands of fans rushed the field. Amidst all this LeBron James, took to Twitter to make it public that he was confused by all the fans being in such close proximity to one another.

Will the NBA have fans in stands next season?

With the NBA tentatively confirming a December 22nd start to the 2020-21 NBA season, a lot of details still need to be ironed out.

The NBA lost over a billion dollars due to fans not being able to attend games last season. To make up for losses that may happen this season, stars like LeBron James have been hit with an 18% escrow on their yearly salary. It is still unclear whether the stadiums will operate on half capacity or if fans will even be allowed.



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