“I was sick of it”: Carmella explains the reason behind her character change since returning to the WWE last month and what her intentions are next.

Carmella is one of the few superstars who looked like a potential superstar from the time she was introduced to the WWE universe. A feud with Nikki Bella in 2016 seemed to hint towards an upward movement in her career.

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Carmella won the Money in the Bank briefcase next year to become the first Women to do so. She eventually became a Women’s Champion in 2018, cashing in on Charlotte Flair and walked into that year’s SummerSlam with the title around her waist.

Things however, went south from there for the Staten Island princess. Carmella became one of the girls not named Becky, Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha or Asuka. She only seemed to be around the title picture when a story involving the aforementioned 5 needed any furthering.

With her popularity and relevance in the promotion declining, Carmella was taken off TV for quite some time to give her time to reinvent herself. She then returned last month as SmackDown’s mystery woman and has now revealed why she changed.

Carmella explains the reason behind her character change

“That wasn’t me. That was not me,” Carmella told Kayla Braxton on Talking Smack. “That was what everyone out there wanted me to be. And I was sick of it. I am back to what I should be doing and I should be on top. And I’m going to do whatever it takes to be on top. That’s exactly what I did tonight. And pretty soon the entire WWE universe, the entire world is going to know exactly why I am untouchable.”

Carmella appears to be Sasha’s next challenger following her attack on the SmackDown Women’s Champion after her first ever successful title defence on the main roster.

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