Genshin Impact Diona: Who is Diona in Genshin Impact? Here are some of the possible stats and build of this future new character in-game.

miHoYo has tried to stay as tight-lipped as possible about future updates & possible new characters. However, what we do know for certain, is that there will be quite a few that’ll join us in the next few months. miHoYo’s secrecy, therefore, hasn’t stopped fans from peeping and poking around. And in this case, they’ve hit a jackpot it seems!

Genshin Impact Diona: Who is Diona?

Diona Character Card Revealed from r/Genshin_Impact

A/c to reports from all over the Internet, the Diona character card has been revealed along with some of its basic stats. She is apparently a cryo healer with significant damage potential. Typical of the Genshin Anime builds, she’s a dainty young woman, clad in deep blue shorts and a pink top. She also seems to have a particular liking for cats.

Unfortunately, we do not know exactly when she’ll be released into the game. However, one presumes it won’t be this year. Perhaps in December, who knows.
We do however have conclusive info about her combat skills.

Combat skills & stats.

Diona’s basic attack is aptly named the Cryo Kitty Claw. It fires a claw at her opponents that damages them & creates a shield around her. The DMG absorption of this shield depends on and is inversely proportional to Kitty’s health. On the other hand, it’s duration increases with more successful hits on a target. The more lethal Kitty’s attack, the stronger her shield.

Diona’s elemental burst is called the Drunken Mist. When used, it deals Cryo DMG to enemies within the field while regenerating the HP of her mates. And this second attribute is huge in terms of utility! Not to mention, she’s also the only Cryo healer in the whole game. So, that makes her pretty darn unique too.

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Although we don’t know when Diona will be released, one thing is for certain, she’ll be great fun to play if these leaks are anything to go by.



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