Among Us Merch Store: Innersloth launched their official Among Us merch store today. So, here are some of the best merch you can buy from their shop!

Before we begin, here’s something to consider. It’s remarkable how a small company of 3 at Innersloth have grown on the face of massive challenges over the last 2 months. It’s safe to assume that none of them were prepared for any of this. And the sudden surge in popularity did catch them off guard. Server issues, Hack problems, Bug & stability problems. But Innersloth has managed to hang on in spite of all of that. And finally, they’re earning their just rewards it seems. The game is stable, the fanbase is huge and the merch store signifies further progress in the company’s maturity.

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So, now that we’ve gotten the ol’ grandpa talk out of the way, let’s get down to business. For our choice of the 5 best products, we took 3 factors into account. The first was appeal, the second, uniqueness and the third, value for money. So, let’s get started.

Among Us Merch Store: The T-shirts.

For starters, all the T-shirts cost the same, that is $27. So, what it essentially comes down to is uniqueness and appeal. And you could, of course, go ahead and get the regular Mira HQ ones with a monochrome print. But, they’re pretty boring and most of your pals may order those. So, we’d suggest the Among Us Crewmate Task Parade Tee instead because it’s one of a kind. It’s also available in Blue, Pink & Yellow. So, there’s quite a bit to choose from.

The Bags.

The Among Us Party Crewmate Duffel Bag is just sick! In fact, that whole print of Imposters on the black background getting ejected is sick in itself! It looks great on most things. And so, as far as bags go, this duffel bag is a great choice. At $60 though, it is rather expensive.

If you are looking for something less obvious and low-key, however, the Among Us monochrome Backpack with the vizor is a great choice. Also, there’s one for every Crewmate colour in the game. So, there’s one for everyone and it’s $45!

Other great merchandise that stands out.

The Among Us Crewmate Space Party Hooded Blanket for $55 is a no brainer in this section. It looks super cute and will make for an adorable companion to sleep with.

Finally, the 0 days since last kill Mug and Clocks wrap up our list. The clock with the minimalist vibe is nice home decor. It won’t stick out like a sore thumb but will still remind you of the game every time you look at it. The Mug, on the other hand, is more for show. * wink wink * After all, the joy of flashing an Among Us mug in front of your friends and drinking coffee would be something else!

For a thorough browse through their merch section, head on over to this link.


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