GSP expresses what he would tell his rookie self, if he gets a chance to go back in time.

One of the sport’s most prominent names, George ST-Pierre often pays gratitude to his fans and also apparently never shies away from answering their queries as well. GSP, who enjoys a very healthy following on his social media handles, used the Instagram platform to address, what he pronounces as a frequently asked question- What I would say to a young Georges.

St-Pierre is without any conflict one of the greats in the whole of combat sports, and has enjoyed success throughout his career. His stats and his MMA record (26-2) are the testament of his greatness inside the ring. However, irrespective what he has conquered, he too might have had some nervy moments in his life, where the path apparently wasn’t as clear as it is in the hindsight, and seemingly paying heed to that, he posted a clip, revealing what advice he would give to his younger self.

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GSP’S Instagram Post

In the brief 15-second video, the former UFC Welterweight and Middleweight champion threw light on what he would tell his younger self, if he goes back in time. Though, what he said is his personal opinion, but could ostensibly also be termed as a basic principle of life.

He said: “Stop Worried about the outcome, and everything else that you don’t control. Focus on the objective and try to enjoy the process.

Soon to be inducted into the UFC Hall of fame, Georges ST-Pierre officially hung up his gloves in February 2019, but speculations about his comeback always remain static at a position.

The 39-year-old has himself conveyed at a number of occasions, that he has never stopped training, and if stars align he would return but would do so only to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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