Sami Zayn claims he dislikes Donald Trump for one petty reason. The soon to be former president’s loss in the elections were met joy by the WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Sami Zayn is extremely pleased with the results of the U.S Presidential Elections. Democratic representative Joe Biden will now take over from Donald Trump and setup residence at the White House for the next five years at least.

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The WWE intercontinental Champion took to social media to express his happiness over the result, He also shared one petty reason he dislikes Trump and no it’s not about his diplomatic politics or policies. Instead, it is because he believes that Trump stole his gimmick from him.

Sami Zayn claims he dislikes Donald Trump for one petty reason

Zayn portrays a heel on television. Much like a face, a heel comes in a lot of variety. The kind that Sami employs is one that thinks he’s always in the right and the entire world is against him. He will go to any extent to defend that belief and will be in denial over his actions.

The Great Liberator believes these are all attributes that can be applied to Donald Trump and says that he hates the infringement.

“One petty reason I dislike Trump is that he has infringed on my gimmick of being a delusional, cowardly heel,” he wrote. “Not even joking. So much of the arrogance, paranoia, victimhood & denial that has long been the language of the heel wrestler is now attributed to him & it pisses me off.”

Many in the comments section got in on the joke as well.

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