Lakers’ Forward Danny Green shares his unique opinion on the GOAT debate, not declaring either of LeBron James or Michael Jordan as the GOAT.

Everyone has a name that comes to their mind when they hear the word ‘G.O.A.T’. A lot of basketball faithful consider Michael Jordan as the G.O.A.T. whereas others side with LeBron James. The Lakers star winning his 4th ring this October just added fuel to the GOAT debates, as ‘The King’ is inching closer to the MJs ‘6 ring figure’.

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Danny Green was on ClutchPoints’ Battle for LA Podcast and there he sat down with Tomar Azarly to discuss a lot of things. They talked about the Lakers championship, the death threats he received, and a few other things.

During the podcast, Danny Green was asked to address the GOAT debate, and he presented a unique and very well thought out point of view to this perennial question.

“For me, it’s Greatest of their Era and not Greatest of all Time”: Danny Green

According to Danny Green, there have been a lot of players who fit the bill to be labelled the ‘GOAT’. The Lakers star believes there has always been a player who has been the ‘greatest in his era’ and that’s how he sees it.

Green ended up coining a new term, ‘GOTE’- The Greatest of their era; an acronym that he feels should catch up in the near future.

When one talks about the ‘GOTE’ instead of ‘GOAT; all great NBA players get their dues, and not just LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

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Danny Green also says that while the GOAT debates make for good hypothetical and barbershop talks, we should appreciate the greatness we’re seeing. The match-ups we talk about would never happen and hence the ‘greats’ of the game should be respected all the same.


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