“I’ll give him six months”- Former McLaren David Coulthard driver gives six months ultimatum warning to Carlos Sainz ahead of his Ferrari move.

Earlier in the season, Carlos Sainz was declared as the confirmed replacement of the outgoing Sebastian Vettel. However, considering the chaotic distress at Ferrari, it doesn’t seem Sainz is going to have a pleasant start with them.

Moreover, Charles Leclerc would be having an upper hand over him, considering the current model of the car is designed according to his suitability and will continue to be, additionally, the Monegasque driver would be even more settled at the team, while Sainz would be looking for his space.

Amidst all of this former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard has given a six months ultimatum to Sainz and have said that he shall be ousted from the team if he fails to be near Leclerc within this time frame.

‘They’re both young, and they both need to know their roles within the team. I think they will be mainly developing the car. They will also start to measure up to each other, which means Carlos has to be there from the start,’ says the Scotsman on Channel 4.

‘Charles already knows how everything works and he knows everyone. That gives him a head start. You’ll notice that on the track, especially in the beginning.

‘Carlos will have to perform right away to be able to withstand that. I’ll give him six months. If he’s not close to Charles’ level by then, I’m afraid his stay at Ferrari won’t be long,’ the former Formula 1 driver said.

The first season will be rough

It has already been admitted by Mattia Binotto that Ferrari is further going to struggle during the 2021 season. Hence, it is imminent that Sainz will not be as impactful as he is currently with McLaren.

Moreover, it is not even clear till when Ferrari will be able to make a comeback and will be able to compete against their top rivals- Mercedes and Red Bull on a consistent basis.

Currently, Sainz is standing at the 8th position in Formula 1 drivers’ championship, four points behind his current teammate Lando Norris and 20 points behind Leclerc.

The Spaniard is no doubt a talented driver, but a move which brings both fame and critics is surely going to pressurize him to another level, now it is upon Sainz to not succumb to it.


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