“Honda will really want to go for it again in their final season”- Mercedes boss claims Honda’s nothing to lose 2021 season is dangerous.

Honda is guaranteed to leave Formula 1 after the end of 2021 season, which has propelled Red Bull to look at other alternates available post their alliance with the Japanese manufacturer.

But with this Mercedes team boss, Toto Wolff thinks that Honda’s decided exit makes them even more dangerous as they would try to provide everything good in the power unit to their rivals- Red Bull before they step out of the sport.

“Red Bull Racing will be more motivated than ever. Honda will really want to go for it again in their final season. Max is also doing a fantastic job, he’ll be very motivated too,” said the Mercedes team boss to Motorsport.com.

Adding further, it has also been reported that Red Bull is continuing to make new aerodynamics, which is certainly going to make them stronger in 2021.

Hence, it is natural for Mercedes to feel threatened by the status quo, as the current champions also can’t guarantee whether they’ll remain as dominant as they are right now.

Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton still motivated

Even though the stalwarts of the team are signalling uncertainty towards their future at Mercedes, they are still motivated to further conquer the laurels.

Both the individuals still have the motivation left to give their last bits to the team. Wolff especially wants his exit in a phased manner before he makes his successor ready for the team.

On the other hand, eight world championship titles would be a lucrative achievement for the British driver. Honestly, the current hegemony of Mercedes can still stand for a couple of more years.

And even if Red Bull is provided with a better unit by Honda in 2021, it would still have a deficit against Mercedes.


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