“You could be trapped in a room getting you’re a*s beat”: Paige opens up on the physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-fiancé Alberto Del Rio.

WWE star Paige has finally opened up on her relationship with former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio and Paige were engaged to be married back in 2016 but split merely a year later. The former Divas champion revealed that she was now more comfortable speaking about the horrific details of their time together.

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Del Rio, who has recently been indicted by a grand jury and charged on counts of aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault, reportedly beat up Paige every couple of minutes and do crazy things to her while they were trapped for hours in hotel rooms.

Paige opens up on the physical abuse she suffered at the hands of Alberto Del Rio

“I’ve never openly talked about my ex, which is very out there, it’s out there but I’ve never talked about it,” Paige said during the GAW podcast. “It was very obvious what was happening, it is very obvious what I went through and all that kind of stuff.”

“In the end, it becomes a cycle. Eventually, something is happening to you every day,” Paige continued.  “You could be trapped in a room for 6-7 hours, getting you’re a*s beat every couple of minutes. And he’s doing all these crazy things to you.”

“I never thought that I’d be put in that position in my life, just cause of the way I was brought up,” Paige continued. “It happens to even the most strongest people and you should never feel bad about it.”

“I’ll never say his name again, because he’s like Voldemort to me,” she said. “Karma’s what’s happened to him and karma’s a real thing. And you put out what you receive, and right now he’s receiving it.”

Alberto Del Rio is currently preparing for his trial on January 25th.

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