UFC website apparently became a victim of cyber notoriety, as a sudden rise and fall in the rankings was noted. Conor McGregor replaced Khabib Nurmagomedov momentarily.

On Saturday, the UFC website became a subject of some unusual updates. The promotion which with hustle and bustle made Khabib Nurmagomedov the new Pound-For-Pound No.1 recently, witnessed a seemingly unauthorized access in it’s backend portal, as the previously defined ‘Double-one’ reached at the top of the mountain.

The ranking section of the website saw some perceptible changes, as Conor McGregor, who wasn’t even in the top-10 at the start of the day, got elevated to the top spot, while the legitimate holder of the pushed was pushed to No.3, behind Jon Jones, whose position stayed unaltered.

Moreover, a few names who are not listed in the genuine list viz. Colby Covington, Dominick Reyes, and Paulo Costa, also featured in the register of top P4P ranked fighters.

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Reaction On Twitter

Within minutes the news broke-out on Twitter, and these are some users’ reactions, which highlights the general outlook about what exactly took place.


Returned To Original Form

Soon after the startling changes, the rankings were restored to their original structure. However, it is still not known, whether it was a classic case of hacking or was it some error on the part of UFC.

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