PS5 SSD vs Xbox Series X SSD : PlayStation recently announced that the PS5 will not have its SSD storage upgradable upon launch.

The reason behind this is that Sony is yet to whitelist any SSD manufacturer for its PS5. Be that as it may, this led us to the current topic of discussion. Which console wins out in terms of built-in storage?

The Sony PS5 packs quite a punch!

The PS5 sports 825 GB of super-fast storage. However, the actual disk space is cut down quite a bit due to the demanding next-gen operating system. So, you’re essentially left with about 600-700 GB of storage. Seeing as how most modern-day titles (especially next-gen console titles) are going to be quite resource-heavy, this isn’t a lot of space.

Hence, the option of an external SSD is provided. IO throughput was used to gauge storage performance properly. The IO throughput measures the number of bits read or written per second. The IO throughput of the built-in SSD however, far outstrips any SSD on the market in the same price range.

To be precise, the PS5 SSD can transfer raw files at a speed of 5.5 GB/s. Compressed files, with the help of its new Kraken hardware decoder, can be transferred at a speed of 8-9 GB/s!

How does Microsoft’s Xbox Series X fare?

The Xbox Series X (from here on referred to as Series X) sports a larger 1 TB internal SSD. However, unlike Sony’s proprietary SSD solution, Microsoft fitted the Series X with custom NVMe SSDs.

The IO throughput of the Series X was a measly 2.4 GB/s raw and roughly 4.8 GB/s for compressed files. The larger storage size hardly feels like compensation with the expandable storage and faster write speeds of the PS5 SSD entering into the picture.

What is the difference between the two consoles in terms of storage?

Clearly, the custom NVMe SSDs lose out against Sony’s extremely fast storage. Weird, though effective, the storage size of 825 GB is to ensure the highest possible speeds of the SSD. This particular number is able to nicely match the new SSD’s 12 channel interface.

The much higher storage speeds of the PS5 means that players will have to wait far less during loading screens as compared to Series X users. Fast Travel will be nearly instant and loading screens might just become a thing of the past. In terms of user convenience and time saved, the PS5 should win by a long shot.

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