“I’ve been here for 10 years blocking kind of a seat for 10 years”- Romain Grosjean admits his F1 participation is blocking the rise of rookies.

Romain Grosjean is confirmed to leave Haas after the end of the season, which is heading towards his imminent exit from Formula 1, as the French driver is already searching for opportunities elsewhere, as he feels his time at F1 is over.

It seems like Grosjean is going through a colossal introspection, as in a recent interview he has claimed that his participation in F1 in recent years had been blocking the move for rookies, who could’ve plied their trades little earlier.

“Rookies need to have their chance in Formula 1,” said Grosjean, quoted by RaceFans. “I’ve been here for 10 years, blocking kind of a seat for 10 years, and if the team goes for two rookies, well, good for them, and I wish them the best.

“Obviously in my days we were probably a little bit less prepared than the drivers are nowadays. The young categories have got really more professional. So I think it’s not easy to compare.

Romain Grosjean’s future?

There are multiple possibilities which Grosjean is reportedly considering. Firstly, the possibility of taking a seat in the IndyCar series is an attractive option.

Moreover, the entry of the French team Peugeot in the Endurance Racing series, joining the to-be-created ‘Le Mans Hypercar class,’ has excited Grosjean.

The Haas man definitely considers it a real possibility for his next career move. He said, “A French Constructor at one of the greatest races in the world, for sure it’s a nice project.

“We will get in touch sometime, as this is a project I’m hugely interested in for the future.” However, Grosjean wouldn’t be able to grab an immediate seat at Peugeot, as the team will enter into the competition by 2022.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter where will he seek his next move as the French driver is unlikely to make a return in F1 ever in future.


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