“He’s not a main-eventer”: Vince McMahon told Jake the Snake Roberts that future Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin would not make it in WWE.

Stone Cold Steve Austin helped usher the WWE into its most successful period. He is arguably the promotion’s biggest star ever and helped Vince McMahon to outwit WCW during the Monday Night Wars. However, the WWE CEO did not see a star when he first saw the Texan Rattlesnake.

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WWE Hall of famer, Jake The Snake Roberts, revealed that Vince didn’t think Stone Cold would be a success in the WWE and would be out of the place by his 5th or 6th match. Roberts was convinced however, that Austin had the ‘it’ factor.

Vince McMahon told Jake Roberts that Stone Cold would not make it in WWE

“When Steve Austin came to WWF, I was helping write television, and I watched him, and I said, ‘This motherfcker got it, man. He’s got that ‘it’ factor and he don’t even know he’s got it,’ Jake Roberts said in a recent interview with Premier Live TV. “I’m starting to scoot him into places. Sort of as an afterthought so nobody was watching. Well then one day I told Vince [McMahon], I said, ‘That guy right there is gonna be your next super, superstar.’ ‘You kidding me Jake?’ He said, ‘That guy, he’ll never make it past fifth, sixth match. He’s not a main-eventer.’ I said, ‘The fck he ain’t.’ He said, ‘Do you think so?’ I said, ‘Yeah I think so,’ and we tried the thing and I guess it might’ve worked huh?”

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Vince McMahon rose in the WWE as their biggest villain. Stone Cold on the other hand, became their greatest Anti-Hero as millions tuned in to watch their favorite Texan beat up his boss on TV every Monday night.

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