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Among Us News: How Among Us helped Biden beat Trump; Pokimane, JackSepticeye & co elated after US Election results. (News)


Among Us News: Find out how Among Us played a part in helping Biden beat Trump for the 2020 US Presidential Election & how major Among Us streamers reacted.

Part of a Process.

Wise men have always said, little things can make a difference. Little did Among viewers know on 21st October 2020, that they were part of a historic event which would change the face of the nation. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did something unprecedented that day. No other politician, let alone Congressperson, had ever interacted with the youth in such a way before. Well over 1.5 million viewers collectively tuned it to watch the lobby from various streams that day. But nobody knew if this innovative new process would work.

Fast forward to 2 weeks later & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez single-handedly won New York. 2 days later, Biden won the whole of America. And those same faces whom we saw stream with AOC on 21st, rose up to celebrate. The process was complete.

Among Us News: Major Among Us streamers react to Joe Biden beating Donald Trump.

The way Among Us blew up 2 months ago was a major surprise. But that was for people within the gaming community and that was natural. What nobody excepted was the wonderful inroads that this game would make into popular culture. Helping people cope with quarantine, urging people to vote, inspiring people to get creative – the list goes on.

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Major Among Us streamers like Pokimane, Myth, JackSepticeye & Valkyrae took to Twitter to celebrate the victory. Some of them also had Among Us themes. This game is a great example of how influential the video game industry has gotten recently. It is a great way to reach audiences and galvanize people. So, the future of Among Us is definitely exciting and full of potential.



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