“Albon is the worst second driver ever at Red Bull,”- Former F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve on Red Bull giving time to Alex Albon till Abu Dhabi.

Alex Albon with his underwhelming results with Red Bull is losing favours from all sectors, even his supporters are losing out on interjections to justify his position.

The Thai born driver has also been observed of losing momentum under pressure, even in the last race in Italy, he was set to challenge for a podium, but he made a mistake and was knocked out of the competition.

Which further motivated his critics to voice out their dissatisfaction. However, Red Bull is willing to give further chances to Albon and have zeroed down till Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

“Even after Imola, we will not make any decisions on Albon, We will give him a little more time,” he told to Germany’s Motorsport-Total.com.

“He even has Abu Dhabi to prove his worth and then we will make an internal decision on whether to follow or look for someone from outside. But there are many drivers in the market, so we will not be rushed.”

This feeling by the Austrian side comes out of an admission that Max Verstappen is always going to be the priority and also want to avoid another Pierre Gasly fiasco.

“He is protected by the team management”- Jacques Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve is not impressed by this behaviour of Red Bull and claims that they should already find a better alternate for Albon, who according to him is not performing at the level a Red Bull driver is supposed to.

“Albon is the worst second driver ever at Red Bull,” the Canadian reportedly told Sky Italia. “However, he is protected by the team management and always gets the confidence, but he is certainly not of the level that a Red Bull driver should have.

“He’s getting worse, even though they keep trying to help him.” Villeneuve then claimed Albon is given so much leniency by Red Bull because of the Thai-based Yoovidhya family, who co-owns the company with Dietrich Mateschitz.

“He is only there through his passport because they own half of the company and that’s why he is protected,” he added.


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