“That p*sses me off”: Jon Moxley opens up on what he hates about wrestlers’ treatment of fans and how wrestling is different today from what it used to be.

Wrestling fans are a passionate lot. They do not fear speaking their mind; often to the point that several wrestlers in the past have become defensive of their selves and criticized them for being overly analytical of them and their characters.

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Several stars such as Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns among others have spoken in the past about the fickle nature of the people in the crowd and how they have no clue what they really want. AEW World Champion Jon Moxley however, has a differing view.

Jon Moxley opens up on what he hates about wrestlers’ treatment of fans

“To me, wrestling in 2020, the fans are smarter and more educated,” Jon Moxley told Joe Rivera of Sporting News. “I don’t like when I’m in the locker room and some guy’s going, ‘Oh the marks on Twitter are saying this, bunch of stupid marks’ or whatever and treating fans like they’re idiots. That p*sses me off.

“The old-school wrestling mentality was that this is a work, and we’re carnies and we’re trying to cheat people out of money — we’re trying to present this thing, tricking them into thinking it’s real, and taking their money from them. That’s the origins of carny wrestling a century ago. That’s not what it is today.

“Wrestling fans, to me, are the most passionate, educated, some of the smartest fans in the world. And they really appreciate, not only the effort, they appreciate the passion of the wrestlers for their craft, they appreciate the effort, they appreciate how we’re putting our bodies on the line.”

As with every community out there, the Wrestling community can get toxic sometimes. John Cena, Reigns, Rollins, Charlotte have all suffered abuse at their hands. However, it is refreshing to see a prominent star accept that not every criticism is an attack and accepts it for what it really is, sometimes.

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