Lando Norris launches own Esports team and revealed the name as Quadrant, the F1 driver became a virtual gaming star during the pandemic lockdown.

Lando Norris has announced the formation of his own Formula 1 team- Quadrant, his venture is apparently going to tie up with some prominent stars of the virtual gaming.

“Quadrant is something I’ve wanted to do for a long while,” he told the BBC Sport. “The lockdown accelerated things because I was doing a lot more streaming online and getting more into it. It definitely made me want to do it a bit quicker,” he said.

Norris gained immense popularity in the virtual gaming world, as his regular appearances on Twitch during the Coronavirus lockdown shot up his followers on the streaming platform from 185,000 to over 600,000.

Norris’ competitor Romain Grosjean also recently initiated his Esports venture, but unlike Grosjean, Norris intends to make his platform relevant for gamers across all type of games.

The plan ahead.

He took part in a series of online races called “Not The GP” that replicated their real life equivalents, with a number of other F1 drivers, celebrities and footballers taking part.

The series’ organiser, Veloce Esports, has joined with Norris for the launch of Quadrant and co-founder Jamie MacLaurin says their initial focus will be on helping to develop Norris’ online presence.

“The Lando you see in the paddock and the Lando outside the paddock is not too dissimilar,” said MacLaurin. “This new breed of F1 drivers that Lando and some of the others like George Russell are leading feel very much like people you would get on with.

“The beauty of the fact that Lando streams online means fans see him in his bedroom and they have that close affiliation to him.” he concluded.


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