“Ferrari will not be able to fight for the world title in 2021”- Mattia Binotto on Ferrari’s future course of events amidst their predicaments.

Ferrari is struggling with their current situation in Formula 1, with the team even failing to contest for the third position on the table. Fixing the car would be a tedious task and Ferrari’s management concedes the fact.

Mattia Binotto while talking to the Sky Italia confirmed that the team is struggling but they would still focus to get regular positions on the podium next season.

“We got the project wrong, looking for a path of development that turned out to be wrong,” said Binotto. “Then COVID arrived, stopping [work on the car], and this penalised us for the whole season.

“We had to comply with the measures that caused nine weeks of the work stoppage, plus immediately afterwards it was decided to freeze the 2020 projects. I see this season in a different context than normal but we will be able to react.

“We have very challenging goals for 2021. I see a very united team that wants to do well. It feels the weight of responsibility and the desire to redeem itself.

“Next year we will have a completely new engine that is running well on the test bench. We have ideas about the car, but we can’t work miracles with wind tunnel hours reduced compared to the past. But I’m sure this team is alive, and we’ll take it a step further. Now it’s up to us to prove it.

“Realistically Ferrari will not be able to fight for the world title in 2021. Next year we have to go back to fighting regularly for the podium. That’s our goal.”

Should Ferrari solely on future?

With just last four races remaining in the season, it is only a little scope to improve things. Rather, Ferrari should view things in foresight and focus on the next season.

The lowest Ferrari can go from here will not bring anymore disgrace, instead a miraculous recovery into next season is still a possibility. Moreover, the team now has a talented pool of drivers (counting F2 prospects too, vying for an F1 promotion).

Therefore, thinking of this season would be nothing less than a waste of time, with Ferrari already acknowledging that a top-3 finish is hard for them.


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