LeBron James is producing the second edition of the famous Space Jam movie from 1996. High school cornerback Ceyair Wright reprises his son’s role in Space Jam 2.

The shooting for Space Jam 2 concluded in the summer of 2019. The movie is currently in the pre-production stage, and is scheduled to hit theaters worldwide in July 2021. James will be starring for the Looney Tunes in place of MJ, who starred in the blockbuster first edition.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the shooting timelines of many a movie. It has been a curse to the entertainment industry as a whole. The newly rescheduled 2020-21 season leaves little time for the production team to conclude whatever remains of the movie shooting.

The background of Ceyair Wright, reprising the role of LeBron’s son in Space Jam 2

How did Wright catch LeBron’s eye? The high school senior has been one of the dominant sportspersons in the California high school scene. He is a top-5 cornerback in 2021 college class and will have his pick of D1 college programs.

The 17-year-old has previously appeared in the movie called American Skin. In addition to this, he’s been part of 3 television series – Training Day, 2 Broke Girls and Instant Mom.

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Space Jam 2 will also feature NBA superstars Damian Lillard, Anthony Davis and Klay Thompson in various roles – presumably as his opponents.

The biggest doubt in people’s minds is whether Space Jam 2 will be able to combine the original’s comedy with its appeal for kids. Over the years, the younger sections of the audience have shown a tendency to associate more with mature movies.



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