“Best car that we’ll ever have”- Lewis hamilton on Mercedes’ W11, which is dominating this season by a considerable margin.

Mercedes is yet again flying away with the championship and their W11 showed wonders over the track, with the car certainly overtaking the capability of its 2019 build- W10.

Lewis Hamilton in his recent interview with the Skysports has further asserted this claim and went onto say that this is the best car Mercedes ever had and probably the best in the sport so far.

“The whole car collectively, for sure, is the best car that we’ve built,” he said. “I think probably it will be the best car that we’ll ever have, I think, probably in the sport.”

This season Lewis Hamilton has already won nine races in the season, his current record in a season is 11, which he first achieved in 2014 and later repeated in 2018 and 2019.

The current record of most wins in a season is 13, if he wishes to equal this record, he has to win the next remaining races in the season, reflecting his dominance in the sport.

The team should be credited for the success

Though, Hamilton is not willing to take all the credit for his success with the team and has implied that a very hardworking team should be credited much more for it.

“What we have done is no coincidence, Valtteri (Bottas) and I are just a part of this incredible chain of people who are collectively working and all rowing in the same direction.

“People will probably want to understand how we do it and I think it’s just continuing to set ridiculously high goals every year.” he further said.

When it comes to the car, I remember we sat down in 2013 [when Hamilton joined] and I would always sit and speak to the guys on aero and talk about where our target is. There would be a dot and I’d say ‘well move that even higher’.

“And they were like, ‘yeah you’re right, let’s move it higher’, and they just continued to do that year on year on year and raise that target that it’s so far out of reach, but if we work towards getting there maybe we’ll get there. That’s what we’ve done every year.” he ci=oncluded.


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