Among Us Tournament: The Code Red Among Us Tournament was won by Classify first & then Trainwrecks as he beat xQc & 5up to end miscalculation drama.

Ever since the game’s humble beginnings in the cradle of Innersloth 2 years ago, Among Us has come a very long way. The game is so loved and contested today that even pro tourneys are on the rise. And this is all the more ironical because people thought the game unsuitable for competitive play only a month ago.

Of course, it goes without saying that Among Us is a very relaxing and friendly game. But competitive tourneys, like the recently organised Code Red Among Us Tournament, just take the game’s intensity to another level.

What is the Code Red Among Us Tournament?

For those of you wondering, it is a competitive, round-robin cum knockout tourney organised by in collab with Esports Arena. This is the tournament’s 2nd edition after the first one in early October was a major success. Trainwrecks was the winner of the first edition as well. However, that happened in a less dramatic fashion.

To give you a better idea of what “drama” we’re talking of, Esports Arena announced Classify the initial winner of this tourney a few hours ago.

But, after a while tweeted out a major update that they had declared the wrong person winner. As it turns out, they miscalculated the scores. So, it was Trainwrecks who won instead.

The tournament was streamed live on the Esports Arena Youtube channel earlier today & lasted around 4 hours. You can also catch a replay of the same at Boom Tv’s channel on Twitch.

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Tourney Format.

The format of the event is pretty simple. Usually, the tournament starts with 20 major Among Us streamers cum creators. They are divided into 2 lobbies and play within these lobbies. A point system is also in place to judge the performances of the players.

As per this system, you get 4pts for a win (be it Imposter or Crewmate) and 0 for a loss. On top of that Imposters get 2 points for each kill while Crewmates get one for the correct vote. It’s important to note however that Crewmates also lose 2 points for every incorrect vote. Moreover, death has no effect on the potential score of a player. So, even a dead Crewmate’s correct vote earlier will earn him points at the end of a game.

Once the moderators score the players at the end of a match, the top 5 in each lobby then progress to the next lobby. This is a single lobby of 10, the winner of which becomes the champion.

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Prize Money, Big Names & more.

Of the many big names who were a part of the 2 lobbies, xQc, Trainwrecks, 5up, Yassuo, Adeptthebest & TeeGrizzley are to name only a few. As for the prize pool, it was a total of $10k, split in a ratio of 5:3:1:1 for the first 4 places. And not surprisingly, 5up & Train, two of the best players in the game bagged spots on the podium.

There was however an impressive display from the relatively unknown Classify. As is expected of competitive Among Us Tourneys, the whole things was a very intriguing affair. So, in case you missed it, you can catch a repeat telecast of the event at this link.


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