Among Us Stream Charts: Major Among Us streamers Pokimane & Hafu are the top 2 most-watched Female Twitch streamers for October as Among Us reigns supreme.

Among Us tops Female Twitch Charts: Not a surprise.

The Among Us hype train is a bubble that never seems to burst and for good reason too. Contrary to what many people thought initially, Among Us has not been a one-month-wonder. Instead, not only has the game stayed very popular but has also grown to be even bigger. Its immense reach has propelled many up and coming streamers like Toast & Corpse into the mainstream.

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On the other hand, big names like xQc have conquered Twitch single-handedly, thanks to Among Us streams. So, needless to say, Among Us is still the mammoth it was back in August. And therefore, it wasn’t so much of a surprise to see quality Among Us streamers top the Female Twitch Charts for last month either.

Among Us Stream Charts: Pokimane & Hafu rock the show.

After xQc’s feat last month, Pokimane & Hafu stepped up to the plate. As Twitch Charts released a list of the Most-Watched Female Twitch Channels in October, the Among Us fans had their moment yet again.

Pokimane bagged almost double as many views as Hafu with 3.5 million hours watched in half of Hafu’s stream time. However, that shouldn’t come as a surprise given how massive she is on the platform. It is in fact ItsHafu’s rise that has been more heartwarming. The young woman worked very hard to cap one of the highest stream hours last month (239 hrs+). And she is also a regular feature of the renowned Disguised Toast, JackSepticeye, Pokimane lobby.

Other names & Bottomline.

Apart from Hafu, most of the other names to top the list were quite expected. Loud_babi, Loserfruit, Justaminx & co to name a few. You can have a look at the charts in detail here.

One thing is deductible from all of this for certain and it’s that Among Us is here to stay. This has to do with the game’s organic system where players contribute almost 95% of the game’s entertainment value instead of the game itself. And lying, tricking and catching is a human nature that’ll never go out of fashion. Therefore, Among Us is here to stay, at least for a while.


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