When & Where does Corpse Husband stream Among Us shouldn’t be a hard question to figure. But the streamer & his erratic schedule are confusing.

If you’re are even mildly familiar with the Among Us streaming community, chances are you know who Corpse Husband is. In case you don’t know much about him, however, here’s a good place to start.

Corpse’s stream schedule.

Corpse’s rise in Among Us has been meteoric thanks in part to both, his in-game skill and his persona. On top of that, given his calm presence and soothing voice, he’s a wonderful streamer to watch. His fellow Youtubers like PewDiePie, JackSepticeye & Valkyrae publicly admire and endorse him as well. So, one thing is for certain, as the YouTube jargon goes, the man is “quality content”.

However, his online streams can often be difficult to catch. That’s because Corpse doesn’t usually stream that often. And neither does he always update fans on Twitter even when he does. He doesn’t stream Among Us or any other content on Twitch either & his YouTube community posts are very rare. So, suffice to say that unlike many other streamers out there, Corpse doesn’t stream in many places or at many times.

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When & Where does Corpse Husband stream Among Us?

First of all, in case you’re wondering, Corpse only streams Among Us. Unfortunately, he doesn’t stream “Just Chatting” sessions or anything of that sort. He does upload horror story narrations but those are only on his YouTube channel & of late, not very frequent.

As far as his Among Us live streams go, you can catch them only on YouTube. His Streams usually begin around the afternoon, 3 o’clock ET and continue for 3-4 hours on an average. Be sure to catch his streams live because he doesn’t save all of them for later viewing on his channel. Instead, there are only a few select ones available in this playlist. One way to keep track of his streams is following him closely on Twitter. That’s because if and when he does stream, it’s usually the place where he’s going to reveal it.

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We hope that helps you out with what you were looking for. Goodbye and happy watching!


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