NFL week 9 is just around the corner, and teams are continuing to air it out. Here’s a look at the top five passing leaders heading into week 9.

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#1. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons: 2,462 Yards

Without Ryan, this Falcons team would probably be sitting at the bottom of the league. The Falcons may be terrible, but there is no way this is on Ryan.

Ryan has thrown 12 touchdowns this season to only four interceptions, and his QBR of 75.9 is his second best mark across his career (his highest of 79.4 came in his MVP campaign in 2016). Ryan has been gunning all season and had the Falcons been winning games he would easily be in the MVP conversation.

Additionally, Ryan has been making a little bit of history this season as well.

The Falcons have bounced back from a horrific start to their season, winning two out of their three games, but their season appears to be over. However, that hasn’t slowed Ryan down at all. Let’s see if he can win again in NFL Week 9.

#2. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs: 2,315 Yards

Of course you can’t have a list of the top quarterbacks in the league without having Mahomes in there. Mahomes has been lighting it up as of late, and he keeps the Chiefs steady in their course to defend their Super Bowl title.

Although Mahomes may not be on pace to throw for 50 touchdowns and 5,000 yards again, his efficiency and accuracy has dramatically increased from his previous seasons. His completion percentage of 66.9% is the highest of his career as is his QBR of 85.4, which currently ranks first in the league.

He still has only thrown one interception to 21 touchdowns, showing how error-free this season has been for him. He also ranks second in the league in passing touchdowns with 21. Simply put, he’s been sensation in every aspect of the game.

On top of that, he continues to put himself in the record books.

Heading into NFL Week 9, Mahomes’ strong play will continue to carry the Chiefs to AFC contention and potentially another MVP award.

#3. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals: 2,272 Yards

Isn’t he just a rookie? And doesn’t he play for one of the worst teams in the league? How can he possibly be top three in the league in passing yards?

Those are all questions that haven’t fazed Burrow at all heading into Week 9. He continues to excel despite the circumstances around him, putting in great performances time and time again.

Burrow may not have the eye-popping touchdown numbers that other quarterbacks on this list do, but it’s clear that the Bengals did right by selecting him as their franchise quarterback.

He’s given a spark to this team that they haven’t had in a long time. Coming into Week 9, Burrow has thrown 11 touchdowns to five interceptions, and he posts a solid passer rating of 91.4.

Moreover, his escape ability has also proven to be key.

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#4. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2,189 Yards

The machine that never stops working, Brady is a familiar face to see on this kind of a list. In a remarkable first season with Tampa Bay, Brady has put up MVP caliber numbers heading into NFL Week 9.

Brady has thrown 20 touchdowns this season, third in the league, to only 4 interceptions, and has dramatically turned his play around since a shaky start. He has the Bucs at 6-2, sitting in first place in the NFC South.

If there’s one thing his play has shown, it’s that you can never count Brady out. Heading into a crucial match against the Saints in week 9, Brady will gain another weapon in his arsenal with the onset of Antonio Brown. Watch out NFL, Brady may be sniffing his seventh ring.

#5. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills: 2,172 Yards

Allen’s passing game this year has turned the Bills into sneaky contenders as they sit at first place in the AFC East with a 6-2 record going into NFL Week 9.

Allen has thrown for 16 touchdowns this season to only 5 interceptions, and he is notching a career high in yards per attempt at 7.8. His deep passing game has taken the Bills offense to a new level as they look to beat their opponents with more than just their defense this year.

Allen has also been remarkably great in the running game. So far, he has ran for 227 yards and has also added four touchdowns. Very few quarterbacks possess the same passing and running ability that Allen has, and it’s clear he’s taking full advantage of this in his third season.

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