In a month when Malik Beasley has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, there’s worse in store for him.

The 23-year-old is currently on trial for a gun offense – pointing it at strangers near his property. He was arrested with his wife Montana Yao for this, and a trial is currently under way. The charges on him amount are regarding gun possession and drug possession. A large stack of marijuana was reportedly traced to his home.

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Barely a week after him getting involved in this gun indiscrimination, Beasley’s situation is going from bad to worse. The former Nuggets guard’s NBA career will be all but over if these charges stick.

Hennepin County officials demand protective custody for Malik Beasley’s son

Hennepin County officials want to have the 19-month-old son of Malik Beasley put under court-ordered protection. They are citing the felony weapons and drug charges filed last month against the boy’s parents. There’s new evidence of possible maltreatment as well.

The petition reveals that Beasley was caught on indoor video surveillance pointing a rifle “in the general direction” of his son. This incident took place on the same day as when he had the altercation with a couple and their teenage daughter near his Plymouth home.

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The Nuggets have seemingly dodged a bullet in trading their troubled guard away. Beasley is definitely showing signs of not being a mature adult, as well as those of an unfit father.

It remains to be seen what the courts rule on this matter. But it would be an irreparable black mark to Beasley’s reputation if they separate his young son from him for this kind of an offense.


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