It doesn’t appear Adam Gase is going anywhere in 2020. The No. 1 candidate on the current iteration of CBS Sports’ head coach hot seat rankings through Week 8, Gase has led the New York Jets to an abysmal 0-8 record on the year — the lone winless team in the entire NFL. Things are pretty much all depressingly bad for the Jets, who are currently ranked 32nd in scoring with a measly 11.8 points per game and 28th in points allowed weekly, letting opposing teams rack up 29.8 points whenever they take the field. 

Still, general manager Joe Douglas is apparently sticking to his guns and keeping Gase in the driver’s seat, even as the car careens over the guardrail this season.

“This is not all on Adam,” Douglas said, via “Again, I have to do a better job of surrounding him with better players and better weapons.”

Douglas went one step further and glued his hip to Gase’s going forward, something Jets fans won’t be thrilled about.

“We’re in this together,” said Douglas. “I’m going through and thinking of everything I can do to try to help Adam. And the goal is to get this fixed together. … My focus is helping Adam solve the problem and work together to do it. And so obviously, I think we’re all confident in our abilities, but I’m focused to solve these problems with Adam.”

That’s a bold proclamation when considering Gase is 7-17 in his first two seasons as the Jets head coach. And in that span, there have been several very public rifts between he and some players, headlined by both All-Pro safety Jamal Adams and All-Pro running back Le’Veon Bell directly and indirectly, respectively, questioning his leadership abilities en route to being traded. There’s also the awkward regression on what was once a promising young talent in former third-overall pick Sam Darnold, made more bewildering by the fact Gase was hired for his offensive-minded approach to the game.

Averaging less than 12 points per contest and having failed to win a single game at the midway point of the 2020 season on the heels of a losing 2019 campaign isn’t exactly a glowing endorsement, but Douglas is deciding to carry the heft of the Jets’ failures. But when he speaks about getting Gase more talent to work with, it doesn’t necessarily mean the Jets — who currently have the second-highest cap space in the league with roughly $30.4 million available to use and/or roll over into 2021 — will go on a free agency spending spree this coming offseason.

Gase would prefer to take a more strategic approach, i.e., to master the NFL draft.

“Part of what we’ve done is try to put our ourselves in a better financial health moving forward,” Douglas said. “I think we’re on our way to doing that. But ultimately, I think when you look at successful organizations, no matter what the sport — you don’t see a lot of teams that build long-term success by buying their way out of it. 

“You see the teams, the organizations that have long-term success, they draft well, and they develop their players. I think that’s the model moving forward. I think that’s our vision moving forward. And when we have the opportunity to strike in free agency and having that flexibility, but not none of this is going to work if we don’t draft and develop these guys, especially with the assets we have.”

The problem is nailing the NFL draft might take years to materialize on the field, but that sounds just fine with Douglas, who is making it very clear he’s in it with Gase for the long haul.


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