“It is not hate”- Mattia Binotto on his relationship with Toto Wolff as the rivalry making things bitter and the nature of the sport.

Mattia Binotto and Toto Wolff have been sharing a decade long rivalry with each other and with every passing year, the words flying over have turned sour.

The banter between the two peaked when Wolff publicly said earlier this year that Ferrari’s poor results were a direct result of foul play a year earlier and he held Mattia Binotto personally responsible for it.

Binotto was then asked over this whether he hates Wolff for his words to which Binotto disagreed that there is surely no hate between thee two even though, competition propel bitter words out.

“Do we hate each other?”, is the question repeated by Binotto in an interview with Sky Italia. “In sporting terms, he is my main opponent who has been winning for many years. But it is not hate.”

“There is respect and a desire to beat him, but not necessarily to beat Toto and Mercedes. It is to bring Ferrari back to the top, the place where it deserves to be”.

Ferrari slipped in competition

Even with so much of history between the two, the deficit in the quality between the two has increased this year, with Ferrari nowhere near the German team.

At one side Mercedes s consistently getting the podium throughout the season, whereas Ferrari is even struggling to be in top10 with Sebastian Vettel mostly failing to be in the Q3 of qualifying.

Even in the hindsight, Ferrari doesn’t seem to be in any contention to challenge for top-3 in 2021. The team needs massive revamp to be able to replicate its past glory.


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