“I have my doubts”- Ralph Schumacher on Max Verstappen and other talented drivers replicating Lewis Hamilton’s success in Formula 1.

Lewis Hamilton has achieved the pinnacle of Formula 1 with this imminent 7th World Championship, which he is set to lift in next race most probably.

Speaking on this, Ralph Schumacher has claimed that the new emerging drivers in Formula 1 like Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc are talented but he is doubtful whether they’ll manage to achieve something similar.

”You can’t win those seven world titles without leaving a mark. You travel a lot, it takes a lot of energy and you have to give up a lot. On the other hand, he will have another package that will allow him to win the championship in 2021.”

“Because of the pandemic, there may not be an agreement yet and Hamilton is using that for his negotiations,” says Schumacher in a video from Sky.de.

”He won’t be here forever. In the end, he has already won everything there is to win. That’s because of the dominance, but that has always existed in Formula 1,” says Schumacher.

”They will undoubtedly win with that car, but will they do so in a dominant way and as cleverly as Hamilton does? I have my doubts about that. Lewis is already a top driver and also has top material’,” he further said.

Mercedes heading towards an overhaul

With the rumours of Toto Wolff searching for a suitable replacement and now Hamilton delaying a contract extension for 2021 only signals that the current world champions are heading towards an overhaul.

Meanwhile, Valtteri Bottas also has a contract till 2021 further widens the scope of making drastic changes in the team. As of now, Mercedes already have two talented prospects driving in F1- George Russell and Esteban Ocon.

Additionally, there are also speculations of Verstappen switching to Mercedes once Hamilton retires to establish his era in the sport.


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