Damian Lillard is shocked that Portland teammate Anfernee Simons did not tell him he has a girlfriend.

In a time where tensions are high in the US due to the upcoming elections, hilarious and wholesome stories like this make us feel a bit better throughout our day.

Damian Lillard might be one of the only superstars who is also a great glue guy for his team. No matter who makes their way to Portland, Dame takes on the fun uncle role and makes them feel welcome.

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Lillard has gotten close to young and emerging guard Anfernee Simons during their time together in Portland. Dame hopped onto Simons’s Instagram live and was taken aback by who was sitting next to Simons.

Damian Lillard reacts to Simons having a girlfriend

Damian Lillard makes sure he has an understanding of what his teammates’ personal lives are like, to better appeal to them. However, when Dame made his way onto an Instagram live with Simons, he was surprised by who was sitting next to Simons.

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Anfernee introduced the lady sitting next to him as his girlfriend, to which Dame hilariously took offense to. He was shocked his teammate didn’t let him in on his relationship status prior to the live.

Dame then proceeded to ask Simons how he’s been dealing with staying at home. Simons told him, “I’m out here working out man. I’m trying to get better.”

Dame took this as an opportunity to insinuate something different, commenting, “Aye, you working out alright.” This was obviously in response to Simons having a new girlfriend.


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