“Why there why was no warning sign”- Valtteri Bottas asks why did the marshals not raise yellow flags even with the presence of debris on the track.

Valtteri Bottas faced major setback with Sebastian Vettel’s broken front-wing being stuck under his Mercedes’ car, which made him lose a huge amount of time, ultimately losing on the first position.

It could’ve been worse if Max Verstappen had completed the race, as the Dutch driver totally dominated Bottas, with the Ferrari debris helping Red Bull car.

Speaking on it, Bottas has spoken against the officials at Imola, as he is disappointed that no warning sign was waved to make drivers avoiding the debris.

“I only received a warning from my engineer about some gravel, in turn, seven during the second lap. For us as drivers there were no yellow flags to be seen anywhere,” Bottas said on Motorsport.com.

The Mercedes driver now wants clarification for the next Grand Prix. “It would be good to know why there was no warning sign for such a large piece of carbon. It’s dangerous, especially if there are bits of it flying around. Besides, it hasn’t helped my race very much.”

Mercedes still achieved championship

Despite the issue caused by the debris, Bottas managed to end up at P2, extending Mercedes lead against their rivals, which finally has resulted in the team winning their 7th Constructors’ championship.

Though, the runner-up position has almost cost Bottas the final contention of Drivers’ championship against Lewis Hamilton, with the Briton set to win the title by the end of next Grand Prix.

A decent result by Hamilton will make him seal his trophy and sending Bottas under the glorious shadow of Hamilton. But a Grand Prix will still be under the plans of the Finn driver.


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