There aren’t any sporting events taking place in the United States tonight. Apparently, there’s something else going on that some consider to be more important than sports, and while that seems wild to me, I believe in letting people make their own choices.

Still, while there aren’t any games, there’s plenty of stuff happening anyway. Today is the NFL’s trade deadline, so make sure you’re keeping track of everything that’s happened with our tracker. That way, you’ll know whether or not your team has gotten the player it needs or gotten rid of the player you can’t stand. Anything can happen!

Anyway, while there aren’t any games tonight, tomorrow will see the return of one of the crown jewels of gambling: mid-week MACtion. Yes, that’s right, the MAC football season begins on Wednesday evening, meaning we’re going to have mid-week football to bet on from now until the end of the college football season.

Today I have one early bet you should make now before the line moves and a few futures for you to consider. Before we get to them, though, let’s catch up on today’s news.

Now we turn to our crystal ball.

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🔥 The Hot Ticket

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Air Force at Army, Saturday, 11:30 a.m. | TV: CBS
The Pick: Under 41 (-115)
: With the unknowns surrounding college football this year due to the coronavirus, I have advised people not to place any wagers until close to kickoff when you know which players might be missing in any given game. There is an exception to this rule, and with there being no sporting events to bet on tonight, it’s the perfect time to share that exception with all of you.

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Army and Air Force are playing Saturday morning. You want to bet the under now. The totals in games between service academies tend to plummet and plummet quickly. They do this for a reason. If you aren’t familiar with the religion that is Service Academy Unders, let me welcome you to the church by reading from our scripture:

Since 2005, there have been 46 games played between the three service academies (Air Force, Army and Navy). In those 46 games, the under has gone 36-9-1. That’s why we get the number early because it’s at 41 now, but by the time these teams kick off on Saturday morning, it could be down to 39 or lower. So go get it right this instant.

Key Trend: The last six meetings in this series have featured an average of 29.5 points per game.

Here’s what SportsLine is saying about the game: Keep track of what SportsLine’s Advanced Computer Model and experts are picking for this game here.

💰 Futures Market


New York Jets to go 0-16
The Pick: Yes (+250) — 
I mean, have you seen the Jets in 2020? Sure, it’s proven to be just as difficult for teams to go winless in an NFL season as it is for them to go undefeated, but these Jets seem capable of doing so. We’re talking about a team that has only managed to score a touchdown on 40% of its goal-to-go possessions. The next worst team is Carolina, which is a full 17.1% better at 57.1%. This is a team that has scored on only 22.7% of its possessions. The next worst team is Washington at 30%.

The Jets are horrible! And if we look at their schedule, it’s hard to find the win. They’ve got two games remaining against the Patriots and shocking as it might seem, those look like the most winnable games remaining. Maybe the Chargers on the road? Or Cleveland at home late in the season?

NFC South Division Winner
The Pick: Tampa Bay (-180) — 
I’ll give the Saints credit: they’ve managed to go 5-2 despite Drew Brees’ noodle arm and Michael Thomas missing nearly the entire season to this point. It’s an outstanding achievement. The problem is, I still don’t think the Saints are all that good. They have a point differential of only +9 despite being 5-2. Their win against Tampa Bay to open the season is the only win they’ve had by more than one score. The four since have come by a total of 15 points, with three straight three-point wins. It’s hard to sustain that.

Tampa, meanwhile, seems to be improving. They had a close call against the Giants on Monday night, but that’s the only Tampa win this season to come by less than a touchdown. Their only other loss was on the road to the same Bears team that New Orleans nearly lost to on Sunday. I think the Bucs beat New Orleans next week and put a vice grip on the division. Get this price now before the value drops.

⚽ Champions League

Champions League Winner
The Pick: Bayern Munich (+275) — 
There’s a long time between now and the final, but based on what I’ve seen from teams so far in the latest season, I think we’re going to see Bayern win its second straight Champions League. Manchester City will improve on what it’s been so far, but until it proves it can win the Champions League, I’m not betting on it too. Then there’s Liverpool, which has looked shaky since resuming after the lockdown in the spring. Barcelona and Real Madrid are a mess, and PSG dominates in Ligue 1, but I’m not sure it’s strong enough to get through to a final in a traditional home-and-away knockout format. After that, who do you believe can pull it off?

So I’ll stick with the team that won it last year and doesn’t look to have skipped a beat since. These might be the best odds we get on Bayern between now and then.

🔒 SportsLine Pick of the Day: Congrats to those of you still alive in your Survivor Pool. You’ve probably already used the Chiefs, so you’ll have to look elsewhere in Week 9. The SportsLine Projection Model is NOT recommending the Patriots, even though they’re facing the winless Jets.

⚽ Wednesday Champions League Parlay

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A 5-leg parlay that pays at +213.

  • Manchester United -230
  • Barcelona -1300
  • Juventus -430
  • Sevilla -430
  • Chelsea -300


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