NFL: The Titans paid a whole lot of money for these 2 edge rushers. But do they really deserve to be paid that much? Here’s a look into how productive Clowney and Beasley have been- 

1. Jadeveon Clowney fails to live up to NFL hype

Former Seahawk, Jadeveon Clowney signed with the Titans early in September. His contract wasn’t as big as he hoped for though. Clowney so far has 0 sacks. He does have 19 pressures, but that’s just not close to being enough.

Even with this pressure created, the Titans defense as a whole is 28th in pressure rate. The Titan’s are approaching the trade deadline and could possibly trade for a younger edge rusher.

2. Vic Beasley hasn’t been productive either

Vic Beasley hasn’t done any good either. He also has 0 sacks and hasn’t even recorded a quarterback hit till now. To add on to this, the Titans have only 7 sacks this season, ranked 31st in the NFL. However, Vic Beasley does have 1 forced fumble, but again not close enough to what was expected.

We could see Beasley being traded away before the trade deadline in exchange for a draft pick, but he barely has any attention based on the way he is playing.

Possible trade scenario

If the Titans have to trade one of the two, it would be Vic Beasley. The Browns recently put defensive end Olivier Vernon on the trade block who has been decent this year. For instance, Vernon has 2 sacks and 9 pressures.

Trade: Titans trade Vic Beasley and a 6th round pick for Olivier Vernon. 

In conclusion, the Titans have wasted a whole lot of money on these 2 edge rushers. Clowney hasn’t been able to finish his plays and Beasley just hasn’t generated pressure. All in all, it is very possible we could see one of these 2 players being traded.

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