LeBron James and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg teamed up to help Florida felons vote.

It is no secret that LeBron James isn’t a fan of the current POTUS Donald Trump. With the final voting of the US elections due on Tuesday, LeBron has stepped up his activism even further.

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In 2018, Florida allowed felons to exercise their rights to vote. However, earlier this year, they amended the law and changed it in a way that only the felons who had paid all outstanding fines and fees would be legally allowed to vote.

Considering the number of felons who needed help, it is believed this move can be the tipping point that allows Biden to win in Florida.

Florida is a very crucial state when it comes to the Presidential election result this time round, as whoever bags that state is almost certain to be sworn in as the President. With James going out of his way to ensure that the felons do get to vote, it seems like they are going to be voting for Biden(as ‘The King’ has actively voiced his support for ‘the challenger’).

LeBron James helps pay $27 million worth fines for felons to vote

LeBron James, Michael Bloomberg, and a few other celebrities came together to help the felons exercise their right to vote.

“The multimillion-dollar effort by Michael Bloomberg, LeBron James and other celebrities to pay off lingering court fines and fees for Florida felons could make almost 13,000 of them eligible to vote in Tuesday’s election” according to Lawrence Mower and Langston Taylor of the Tampa Bay Times

The felony voters can tip the scale in Biden’s favor and help him win Florida, which is considered a battleground state.

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A review found that most of the felons were non-white. Out of all the felons, 68% were democrats. The number of eligible voters through this exercise would go up by 12,800; a substantial enough figure to turn the tide in Florida state.

With the final voting less than a day away, all efforts are being made that the Democrats come back to power. The NBA fraternity is doing their part to increase the voter turn-outs and it seems like LeBron James is willing to even pump some money in to ensure that Donald Trump does not come back to power.


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