Chris Paul might be giving out hints about possible trade locations, with New York and LA being on top of the list.

Chris Paul is signed through with OKC till 2022. Yet, he has been in the middle of a lot of trade rumors. The main reason behind the same could be perhaps the OKC rebuild and the fact that CP3 has a massive contract

Paul is a great veteran guard to have, but the Thunder can benefit more if they manage to trade him, and get free from his huge contract. He’s due to earn $41 million next season, and $44 million in his final year of the contract.

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While there are all possible trade rumors surrounding Chris Paul, there are reports that say he would prefer to play in New York or L.A. next season.

A possible LA/NY trade for Chris Paul?

A new report has come through which sheds light on what Chris Paul has to say about all the trade rumors. Reports are that CP3 wants to go to New York or L.A next. Where in LA isn’t specified, but it is believed to be the Lakers, especially because of his connection with LeBron James

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“I’ve been told by a league source that Chris Paul prefers his next basketball home to be either in L.A. or N.Y. (Los Angeles is where he resides full time) and that has created some modicum of leverage in the ongoing negotiations between the sides,” Knicks Film School’s Jonathan Macri wrote in his newsletter.

“I’m also told that there is a deal on the table that is comfortable from Sam Presti’s perspective, and the ball is in Leon Rose’s court.”

Leon Rose, the new President of Basketball Operations of the Knicks, was Chris Paul’s former agent. There is a familiarity there, and CP3 would have the same kind of veteran role that he had in OKC.

With the Lakers, CP3 can play with his friend LeBron James and contend for a ring. The Lakers deal would be tricky though, especially because of Paul’s hefty contract. However, because the Lakers are in the market for a solid point-guard(now that Rajon Rondo has opted out his contract), the Lakers could splurge on CP3 and trade out a few assets.


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