Shaquille O’Neal says his favorite moment with the Miami Heat came when he had a fight in the shower, naked, with a teammate.

Shaquille O’Neal is perhaps best known off the court for his antics and goofy personality. He might be the true definition of what a ‘gentle giant’ is perceived to be.

Everything ranging from his raunchy, witty roasts, to his hilarious arguments with Charles Barkley on NBA on TNT. On the court, towards the latter years of his career, he was known to bounce from one team to the next. His first stop after his dominant 8 years with the Lakers, was the Miami Heat.

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When asked about his favorite moment from his Heat days, Shaq had a rather interesting response.

Shaquille O’Neal reflects on his favorite moment from when he was a member of the Heat

It would be safe to assume that Shaq’s favorite moment from his time with the Heat would be their 2006 championship. However, his favorite moment was far from an instant that could be televised to millions across the world.

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During a text message conversation with his former Heat teammate Dorell Wright, he talked about an interesting fight they had. Dorell asked Shaq, “What’s your favorite story/memory about us being teammates?”

Shaq responded with, “My favorite moment was when you tryna fight me naked in the shower and Udonis didn’t wanna break us up lol.”

O’Neal played for 3 seasons with the Heat, before getting traded to the Phoenix Suns. His best years were spent at Orlando and Los Angeles, but he still finished with a near-MVP season in 2004-05 for the Heat. His animosity for Steve Nash based on the MVP voting that year is well-documented and something that often comes up whenever the duo appear on live TV together.


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