WWE’s plans for Roman Reigns and Heel Bloodline revealed. Roman Reigns reunion with his cousins has long been rumored.

A man who has often received polarizing reactions from the crowds has finally given the fans a reason to hate him and is now ironically the most over star in the business. Welcome to 2020 where the wrestling romantics are besotted with Roman Reigns.

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It looks like Roman will not be walking the path towards darkness alone. It has long been rumored that the Universal Champion will be joined by his cousins sooner or later and the first steps towards a heel Bloodline stable were sowed on the last episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

WWE’s plans for Roman Reigns and Heel Bloodline revealed

According to reports from WrestlingNews.co, the current storyline will see Jimmy join Jey and Roman once he fully recovers. The stable’s purpose will be three-fold, in that it is meant to maintain the Tribal Chief’s dominance on SmackDown as the Universal Champion, place the SmackDown Tag Team Championships on the Usos once again and elevate all three of them by the time the storyline wraps up.

The report also adds that the Usos will also wrestle shirtless like Roman Reigns and the entire stable will be getting new music.

According to the source, Vince McMahon has already planned the next few months of the storyline already. Everything should go according to plan unless and injury occurs. The source also claims that if you’re a fan of what you’ve seen so far, you’ll like what’s coming next,

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