“They started laughing, as we were in the ring”: Drew McIntyre recounts amusing incident with The Undertaker during a WWE special.

Drew McIntyre is one of WWE’s biggest stars today. That wasn’t always the case however. He was once a young Scottish lad trying out for the WWE, who had the air sucked out of him when he saw the Undertaker laugh while standing ringside.

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The former WWE Champion revealed the incident on “Meeting the Undertaker”, a new special looking at The Undertaker’s 30 year long illustrious career. McIntyre recalled being in the ring with Sheamus and trying out some moves while the Undertaker stood by the ring with someone else.

Drew McIntyre recounts amusing incident with The Undertaker

“They started laughing, as we were in the ring, wrestling. The thought going through my head was, ‘Oh my goodness, The Undertaker is laughing at how terrible I am. This is the worst day ever.’

“Years later, I learnt that they were taking about anything else but what was going on in the ring. So that’s why from that day forward, when I was with WWE, whenever I was at ringside and the extras were in the ring, they were trying to get an opportunity to be a part of WWE, I never laughed once, ’cause I remember the feeling that The Undertaker thinks I’m terrible.”

McIntyre is arguably WWE’s biggest babyface in the company right now. With both Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns turning heel, McIntyre has taken very well to the role of the company hero. He has been very protected by the company without it feeling forced. In fact, he has only been pinned twice this whole year!

Could the WWE’s Scottish Psychopath take on the Deadman one day in the future?

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