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Steve Cohen was approved by Major League Baseball owners as the new owner of the New York Mets on Friday. Cohen acknowledged that he wants to make a splash early in his tenure and is even asking for new ideas to make the team better from the fanbase.

During Monday’s installment of “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” David Samson weighed in Cohen being the Mets new owner and believes that fans need to give him a chance before passing judgment.

“I encourage you as a Mets fan to have a long-term memory and not a short-team memory,” Samson said. “Give Steve Cohen a chance even if they don’t win. Give him a chance even if he has a new owner syndrome and gets involved or makes bad signings. Give him a chance because he wants what you want. Above all, he wants a World Series ring, that’s why he’s doing this. It’s the ultimate gift for a fan to have a fan own a team.”

With free agency getting underway, Cohen won’t have to wait too long before making a splash if he chooses to do so.

As Samson notes, Cohen will also need to decide on a new general manager and manager in addition to improving the franchise’s roster. The Mets haven’t been to the postseason in each of the last four seasons, but Samson urges Mets fan to be patient and see what Cohen can do with his chance running the team.


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