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‘Michael Jordan would average 60 points in today’s NBA’: MJs agent David Falk slams Lakers’ LeBron James (News)


David Falk says Michael Jordan would average 60 points in today’s NBA and would never leave his team to join Magic or Larry Bird.

The age-old debate on which era in the NBA was the hardest to compete in will likely never reach any sort of a unanimously agreed upon conclusion. Some say the defenses in the 80s and 90s were much too physical for today’s stars to handle. Others use the implementation of zone defenses in today’s league as a rebuttal.

Now, Michael Jordan’s longtime agent David Falk gives his 2 cents on what he thinks about the state of the NBA today, as compared to what it was when Jordan was in the league.

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David Falk sounds off on today’s NBA

With all the talk about who’s the GOAT, Michael Jordan’s agent David Falk took to SiriusXM NBA Radio to talk about the current state of the NBA.

Throughout the interview, Falk kept reiterating how great Jordan was, saying, “I think Jordan would average 60. I think he’d shoot 75% from the floor. I don’t think the talent today is nearly as deep as in Michael’s era.”

Falk also sounded off on the ‘superteam’ culture in today’s league. “If you ask Jordan tomorrow, ‘did you ever want to lay with Bird and Magic?’ He would look at you like you’re on crack.”

Was it truly more difficult to play back in the 90s?

The main problem with the defenses back in the 80s and 90s was that zones were not allowed. It was only man to man defense that was played. However, hand checking was permitted back then.

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It truly is very difficult to assess 2 completely different eras as the rules are quite different in comparision.



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