Boxer Rashidi Ellis channels WWE star John Cena during fight against Alexis Rocha that was streamed aon DAZN over the weekend.

John Cena is arguably the most popular Wrestler in the world since the Ruthless Aggression Era. He stepped up at a time when The Rock left for Hollywood and Stone Cold’s neck cut his career short. The WWE tried to build several stars but none captured the audience’s imagination like Cena did.

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Over the years, he has found several detractors. However, he still remains a huge influence to many who see him as a role model. Despite not being an active wrestler and almost semi-retired, he is one of the most recognizable faces in the industry and Boxer Rashidi Ellis’ actions over the weekend is proof that Cena transcends wrestling like no other modern full-time wrestler.

Boxer Rashidi Ellis channels John Cena during fight

Unbeaten boxer Rashidi Ellis fought Alexis Rocha this weekend. In the middle of the fight Ellis threw a ‘You can see me’ taunt at his opponent. John Cena came up with the taunt during his Dr. of Thugonomic days and has remained popular to this day.

Ellis won the match and extended his winning streak to 23.

As far as John Cena is concerned, he doesn’t exist in WWE’s kayfabe anymore. He last appeared at this year’s Wrestlemania to fight Bray Wyatt in what turned out to be a psychological and ideological confrontation instead. Cena, who has long been billed as a hero, was slowly humanized by Wyatt who forced him to re-live all his failures.

By the end of his torture, Cena was rendered powerless to stop Wyatt from overpowering him and locking him forever in the Firefly fun house, making sure no one ever sees him again(for now at least, because wrestling).

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