AMD 6000 Series GPU Price : With the release date of the Big Navi GPUs creeping closer, here is all you need to know to make buying them a meaningful purchase. The RX 6800 and 6800 XT are releasing on 18th November and the 6900 XT is releasing on December 8th.

The cards have a lot more on offer than just frames on screen!

AMD boasts of making the cards better than their predecessors, in more ways than one. These new features give the graphics cards far better performance in 4K and lower resolutions. Here is how:

  1. Infinity Cache: This is 128MB of cache that allows for ridiculous uptakes in VRAM performance. This is because it allows for  Temporal reuse. Temporal reusing is isolating certain frequently used data or resources so that it can be used again and again in relatively short times.

    This helps in reducing the latency of the VRAM of the GPU. To put this into perspective, according to AMD, the bandwidth of a normal GDDR6X VRAM is 936 GB/s. The bandwidth of a GDDR6 coupled with 128 MB of Infinity Cache is 1,664 GB/s! Infinity Cache increases the bandwidth of the GDDR6 memory by up to 3.25 times from its measly 512 GB/s. AMD states that the Infinity Cache is responsible for nearly half of the performance increase from the previous generation of its GPUs.

  2. Smart Access Memory(SAM): This is more of a conditional boost in performance. By getting an AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU along with a Big Navi GPU, you could get a 10% boost in performance. SAM basically gives the CPU access to all of the VRAM in the Graphics cards.

    Conventional PCs only get a small fraction of the VRAM resulting in bottlenecks in performance. SAM can give your system up to an 11% boost in performance across certain titles. Being an AMD fanboy must feel really good right about now!

  3. Hardware Accelerated Raytracing: AMD has finally done it! For those of you who didn’t know Raytracing was not invented by NVIDIA. AMD implements its Raytracing with Ray Accelerators. The ray accelerators are quite similar to the 2nd Gen RT cores that NVIDIA just released. Coupled with the new FidelityFX Denoiser, AMD states that games could look even better running on their cards than on NVIDIA’s GPUs. Not to mention DirectX support given to the new cards by Microsoft.

Now that WHETHER you should buy them is out of the question…CAN you buy them?

If you’re hoping that AMD has better stocks of GPUs than NVIDIA, you should probably think again. These new GPUs have made huge waves in the hardware industry and just about everyone, AMD fanboy or not, will want to buy them. Our only advice is to be patient and wait for the restocking of the shelves like you were planning to with NVIDIA.

To check out a video giving an explanation of the features of the 6000 series graphics cards, click here.


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