AEW’s Shanna sets her Twitter to private after being called out for Islamophobia on the popular social media website yesterday.

AEW stars have not had the best of times when it comes to social media. Chris Jericho has regularly been criticised for performing shows with his band ‘Fozzy’ despite the need for social distancing to combat coronavirus. Flip Gordon has come under the scanner for his conspiracy theories regarding the pandemic and now Shanna over her Islamophobic tweets.

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Shanna tweeted French president Emmanuel Macron to completely close their borders to Muslims following a terrorist attack in Nice last week. She wrote that while he had bodyguards, their families did not have the same protection against the risk.

She followed this up by liking tweets from far-right politician Marine Le Pen. The National Rally Party has called for a ban on Pakistani immigration amidst critical comments by leaders from Pakistan on France ‘in the name of national security.”

AEW’s Shanna sets her Twitter to private after being called out for Islamophobia

Shanna tweeted the following in French.

Translation: “The face of one of the victims of the attack in Nice. These kids will grow up without their mom in a country where the danger of terrorism rises every day. Close the borders. You face no risks with your body guards, we and our families do.”

Shanna was called out by her followers on the microblogging website for inciting Islamophobia. Instead of addressing the issue with them however, she set her twitter to private to escape criticism.

A teacher was beheaded in a suburb in Paris last month after showing caricatures of the prophet Muhammad to his students. President Macron has defended the right to use the images citing freedom of speech. This has however, caused an outrage in the Muslim community in other countries who are contemplating boycotting French products.

Some extremists have taken matters into their hands and launched attacks; three of which have taken place in the last month already.

Macron claims he understands the shock but would never accept the violence associated with it.

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