Hall of Fame inductee Isiah Thomas talks about himself and Micheal Jordan on Heavy Live With Scoop B.

Michael Jordan does not like Isiah Thomas, and he made it abundantly clear in his series ‘The Last Dance’. The thing that came as a surprise was that Isiah himself did not know of this animosity Jordan felt towards him.

In his appearance on Heavy Live with Scoop B, he talks about how he did not know of his ‘beef’ with MJ. He also explains why he calls Kareem Abdul Jabbar and LeBron James as the GOATs, and a lot more.

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In his time on the show, Isiah Thomas explains why his candidate for GOAT is LeBron James. He says its all because of his off the court contributions along with his on the court greatness.

“Muhammad Ali wasn’t the greatest because he could knock people out – Muhammad Ali was the greatest because of what he did outside of the playing field; outside of the ring. So the champion has always carried that mantle; particularly in the NBA – Bill Russell carried it, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar carried it, Dr. J carried it, I carried it and now LeBron is doing it.”

“I’ll sit down and talk to anyone”: Isiah Thomas

Isiah Thomas isn’t shy from settling the problems that Michael Jordan has with him. Thomas has done it before with Magic Johnson and isn’t worried about doing it again with Michael Jordan. He says he doesn’t know what there is to talk about, but he is open to the idea.

He spoke about about how he did not know about the extent of the ‘hate’ coming from Michael Jordan’s side until he watched ‘The Last Dance’.

“So, but anyway what would we talk about?… I don’t know but… Hey look, I’m not afraid of anybody. I’ll sit down and speak with anybody and anybody who’s ever been around me, seen me, been close to me…I’m not one who walks around with fear and I’m not one who walks around with hate. So you know, like I said; I never knew that he felt that way until I watched the ‘Last Dance’.”

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Whether this will happen or not is a different story, but Isiah Thomas sure isn’t shying away from a confrontation.


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