Aryton Senna Trophy: Legendary driver and his fatal crash at Tamburello corner have been paid tribute to in the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix trophy.

Aryton Senna is one of the greatest-ever in Formula 1, if not the greatest. The three-time champion was at the peak of his powers when he suffered a fatal crash at Tamburello. With Imola returning after a gap of 14 years, it was fitting the legendary Senna was paid tribute to.

Keeping in line with this, the trophies up for grabs today can be fittingly called the ‘Aryton Senna Trophy’. The trophy for the Emilia-Romagna GP podium has been designed like the Imola circuit. The Tamburello has been given a special highlight with a 0.14-carat diamond carrying the message “Dedicate ad Ayrton”.

“For me, it’s a great day.”

“I did my best qualifying for the team, P4 I think was also my best in Red Bull, so it’s my best ever in F1. And to do it in Imola, is also very special.”

“Obviously for me, I did this special helmet for Ayrton because I’ve always been a big, big fan of Senna since I was a kid. He was one of my idols, and it was important for me to do it here, but also for all the team, because they are only 15 kilometers from this track. So it’s a great start to the weekend.”

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