Real Reason why WWE changed Matt Riddle’s name. The former UFC star joins a list of stars to have their ring name shortened.

The WWE have a strange thing where they like to take a part of their wrestlers’ name away. Antonio Cesaro became Cesaro, Big E Langston became Big E and Andrade Cien Almas simply became Andrade among several others.

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Matt Riddle has become the latest superstar to become the victim of this name change. The King of Bros will now go by Riddle and while some fans are upset with the decision, the man himself seems to be fine with the decision.

While Fightful suggested that the name change was done in order to give a more serious edge to his character, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer seems to believe that there is something more sinister behind the action.

Real Reason why WWE changed Matt Riddle’s name

“The company made the decision to drop Matt Riddle’s first name, and now he’s just ‘Riddle.’,” Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. “The story was that they wanted to not have people google “Matt Riddle” and come up with the details of the lawsuit against him and WWE. The decision was made on 10/29 and Riddle said he was fine with it and even preferred it saying Riddle is his name and he’s been called it for most of his life.”

Matt Riddle has been accused of sexual assault by Cindy Cartwright. She is reportedly suing the WWE and Riddle. Riddle has denied all allegations although he revealed that the two were indeed together for a while.

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