Far Cry 6 postponed: Ubisoft delays Far Cry 6 & Rainbow Six release to March 2021 due to pandemic. Ubisoft has pushed back the release date for Far Cry 6 & Rainbow Six to 2021. 

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is already affecting the videogaming ecosystem massively. Ubisoft recently took to Twitter to announce Far Cry 6 & Rainbow Six will release a little later than announced. Far Cry 6 was previously scheduled to release on February 18 2021. Rainbow Six Quarantine was supposed to be available early this year.

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Right now, there is no date for the release, but we know it will release only in March or April 2021. The main reason for its delay, Ubisoft says, is the “production challenges when it comes to working from home.” This is understandable as developers claim Far Cry 6 will be the best in the series.

The developers know that Far Cry is widely loved by all the players. Its previous versions have been instant hits and Ubisoft will want to make sure the game is perfectly wrapped before it is released.

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Ubisoft already has a lot on their plate. They have a slew of new games like Watch Dogs: Legion & AC Valhalla which release this month. So, it makes sense that they want to spread out their releases. With all of this in focus, it is understandable that given the current situation, a post-production intensive game like Far Cry 6 is postponed.



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