Stephen A. Smith says he wants James Harden’s greatness to be appreciated more than it is and has presented his reasons for the same.

After the Los Angeles Lakers disposed of the Houston Rockets in merely the 2nd round through a gentleman’s sweep, the Rockets decided to revamp their franchise. They fired Head Coach Mike D’Antoni and hired Mavericks assistant coach Stephen Silas as their new Head Coach.

Daryl Morey, long time Rockets exec, was also let go by the Rockets, who ended up joining the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Now, with a new Head Coach and new front office, the Rockets may finally have a shot at getting James Harden his first ring. The only thing missing from Harden’s Hall of Fame resume is a championship. Due to this lack of an NBA title, Harden is made fun of by the media and also by NBA fans online. Stephen A. Smith took to First Take to remind everybody of how great the 2018 MVP is.

Stephen A. Smith is tired of the James Harden disrespect

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman took to ESPN’s First Take to discuss the Daryl Morey hiring by the 76ers. Amidst this discussion, Smith starts to talk about James Harden’s legacy and greatness.

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Smith said, “I’m tired of people not appreciating the greatness of James Harden. It ain’t just one-on-one basketball, his ability to get to the free throw line, to draw fouls, to dance on you, to create his own shot. Then to hit from the 3, to hit midrange shots, to finish at the basket.”

Is Harden’s greatness disrespected?

The media has been harping on James Harden for quite some time now, for his ‘selfish’ style of play and his inability to win a championship.

Due to the focus constantly being on him not reaching the promiseland, his individual accolades are always pushed under the rug.

It also doesn’t help that fans are experiencing a sort of ‘Harden fatigue’, where it is so common to see Harden casually drop 40, that it isn’t even lauded upon anymore.


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