Brian Windhorst reports that the Lakers will be looking to sign another star guard to their roster this offseason.

The Los Angeles Lakers gave up their young core in the 2019 offseason to sign superstar Anthony Davis. Now having LeBron and AD on the team, they were told they have the possibility of signing Kawhi Leonard.

To make space for Leonard’s potential arrival, the Lakers cleared up their books and in doing so, missed out on marquee free agents. Kawhi never joined the Lakers and so they had to sign whatever free agents were available, some of who were not their primary preferences.

Despite this, the Lakers won the 2019-20 NBA title. Though they finished the job, they do not seem content with their roster.

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Reports from NBA insider Brian Windhorst have surfaced that the Lakers are in pursuit of another star guard this offseason.

The Lakers want to sign a guard onto their roster

In Brian Windhorst’s appearance on Lakers Talk with Allen Sliwa, Brian said, “I think they’ll be running for significant free agents.”

Now, Windhorst is reporting the Lakers are interested in signing a solid player at the guard position.

Brian is quoted as saying, “There’s a deal out there for them for another guard. That would be interesting. It’s a guard on the last year of his contract who was great last year for his team and that team may be looking to move him.”

With rumor circulating that Rondo could be on the move, it seems like LeBron James and co. are in the market for a high-profile guard that can help take the burden off ‘The King’

Who could this guard be?

The obvious guess here would be Detroit Pistons’ Derrick Rose. He has been linked to the Lakers for quite a while now, with good reason too.

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Rose was solid on the offensive end in the 2019-20 season as he averaged 18.1 points, 5.6 assists, all while shooting very close to 50% from the field.

He is also entering the last year of his 2 year/ $15 million deal with the Pistons.


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