Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Weather Forecast: What’s the weather forecast of Imola circuit this weekend as F1 contingent head back to Italy.

Formula 1 returns to Italy for the third Grand Prix in the country within this season. The Imola would be hosting the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 2020 and it is for the first time in 14 years when F1 is returning to this venue.

Thus, it is yet another track in the season, where most of the paddock is unaware of the track dimensions and would take a significant time to adapt to it.

Under this condition, weather can play an influential role, just like it did it at Algarve for a brief period of moment. Though, a sunny day at Imola will not be a huge hassle for the drivers.

So, once again like any other fan, one would be wishing for a slight pouring of ain to make the race more exciting. However, the season seems wrapped up, with Lewis Hamilton leading the chart with a staggering lead.

In Portugal, the Briton broke Michael Schumacher’s most wins record and with the end of the season he will eclipse his most Championship title record, creating his own legacy, will weather assist him in achieving this feat sooner?

Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Weather Forecast

According to the weather details published on the official website of Formula 1, both days will not witness a single drop of rain. Hence, a favourable environment for a smooth set of race.

Moreover, the wind effect will also remain marginal unlike in Portugal. Below are the detailed weather forecast for both days.


Conditions: Sunny. Very light wind.
Maximum temperature expected: 18 Celsius
Chance of rain: 0%


Conditions: Sunny day with few clouds. Very light wind.
Maximum temperature expected: 18 Celsius
Chance of rain: 0%


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